Editing Navigation

Editing the navigation on your site is easy. To edit the navigation:

  1. Sign into your site, in the Admin/Editor menu, select "Navigation Manager".
  2. Select the navigation to edit. NOTE: The navigation called "Main" displays on every page on your site, it is your main navigation bar.
  3. On the left hand side, is each navigation item and on the right is where you can edit that navigation item. By clicking on a navigation item, the right side will change to display the edit form for that navigation item you clicked on.
  4. For editing the navigation item, the "menu type" has 3 options:
    1. Link - this is a normal link, a new page will open on the same window if someone clicks on it.
    2. Link to new window - this is also a normal link, but a new page will open on a new tab/window in your browser.
    3. Dropdown - this will display a dropdown menu when a user clicks on it. You will need to know a little HTML to edit a dropdown
  5. If "Link" or "Link to a new window" is selected as the menu type, enter the link for the menu item and click "Save Navigation", there will be a confirmation window, to continue click "Ok".
  6. If "Dropdown" is selected as the menu type, the way to edit it is as follows:
    1. To add an item to the dropdown menu, add something like the following: 
      <li><a href="[your link]">[your text]</a></li>
  7. Once you have completed editing the dropdown menu, click "Save Navigation", there will be a confirmation window, to continue click "Ok".
  8. To add a navigation item, go to the left side of the page where all your navigation items are, click "+", a new form will appear with blank data with the menu type set to "Link" by default. Now follow the same steps as 4-6 to make the new item.
  9. To change the order of your navigation items, click and drag the navigation items around and click "Save Navigation" once it is reordered.

NOTE: If changes in navigation don't appear to save, please contact the web team and clear the site's cache.