Blog Admins

Add Blog

To add a blog, follow these instructions:

  1. Login to your SCE site, click on the admin tools menu (where you see your net id) and click "Blog Admin", in the blog admin page, there will be a button on the right side of the page under the "Other Blogs" section titled "Create New Blog", click on the button.
  2. On the page, you should see a text box asking for the name of your new blog along with a file upload input. Enter the name of your new blog and upload a blog image (optional) and click "Create Blog".

Edit Blog

To edit the properties of your blog:

  1. Login to your SCE site, click on the admin tools menu (where you see your net id) and click "Blog Admin".
  2. In the blog admin page the site's blogs will show with options to view, post, edit, and delete the blog. Click on the button that says "Edit".
  3. The blog administration page will appear where you can manage posts and edit the properties of your blog. To edit the properties of the blog, click "Edit Blog". Here you can edit the name and image of your blog, similar to the Create Blog functionality.
  4. You can also edit which user groups can edit blog posts by clicking on "Manage Bloggers". Addtional options include editing blog posts, viewing the blog, and setting a particular blog as the default blog.

Blog Editors

Create Blog Post

To create a blog post:

  1. Login to your SCE site, go to the admin tools (where your net id is printed) and click on "Blog".
  2. Once the blog opens, options will be available to view, post, or edit the blog. Click on "Post".
  3. In the blog post page, you can add a title (the title can be no more than 100 characters long), content, image, and preview text (text that appears to viewers as a preview to the blog post and can only be 200 charcters max). NOTE: The person who posts will be shown as the post author.
  4. Once you are done filling in the fields for the post, click either "Save, but do not publish" or "Publish post". Publishing the post makes it viewable to the public immediately, not publishing the post allows you to go make additional changes before making it available to the public. NOTE: You can change if it is published or not published even after creating the blog post, read the section "Publish and Unpublish Blog Posts" for instructions.

Publish and Unpublish Blog Posts

Edit Blog Posts

Delete Blog Posts